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HQ: Manchester, United Kingdom
Specialties in common: Accounting, Business Administration, Legal

Elvis Eckardt Recruitment & Sales Solutions Limited is a bootstrapped business that targets Industry Leaders, SME’s, Start-Ups and the Big Four. We are Recruitment and HR Specialists with over 10 years of industry experience and have a broad and diverse capability to support all recruitment and staffing needs.

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HQ: Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom
Specialties in common: Accounting, Legal

Specialising in education, finance, HR, and legal sectors, we connect top talent with visionary organisations. Benefit from our sector expertise, personalised strategies, and a proven track record. Elevate your team with James Ray Recruitment – your trusted recruitment partner.

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HQ: London, United Kingdom
Specialties in common: Attorney / Lawyer, Legal

An anonymised talent marketplace for Legal, LegalTech and Legal Operations. Think the best bits of LinkedIn and Glassdoor: anonymised salary & skills benchmarking; an employer-agnostic marketplace that mitigates unconscious bias; reduced time to hire with shortlisting and our free 'prefilling' service; no cost to sign up and a commission rate for employers of just 11%. We work with LegalTech vendors, Law Firms, ALSPs, Consultancies and In-House Legal Teams.

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HQ: Basildon, United Kingdom
Specialties in common: Accounting

Logic Recruit is a specialized recruitment agency that focuses on sourcing candidates based on their cognitive aptitude and logical thinking skills. Rather than merely looking at qualifications or experience, they prioritize individuals' ability to reason, solve problems, and adapt to new challenges. Their unique approach ensures that employers get candidates who are not only technically suitable but also mentally equipped to handle complex tasks and adapt swiftly in dynamic work environments.

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HQ: New York, United States
Specialties in common: Legal

TRU Staffing Partners is a globally recognized, award-winning contract staffing and executive placement search firm representing talent and opportunities in data privacy, ediscovery, and cybersecurity.

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