An anonymised talent marketplace for Legal, LegalTech and Legal Operations. Think the best bits of LinkedIn and Glassdoor: anonymised salary & skills benchmarking; an employer-agnostic marketplace that mitigates unconscious bias; reduced time to hire with shortlisting and our free 'prefilling' service; no cost to sign up and a commission rate for employers of just 11%. We work with LegalTech vendors, Law Firms, ALSPs, Consultancies and In-House Legal Teams.


Henry Venmore-Rowland


Candidate Success

About Harrier Candidates

Initially founded as Harrier Search, a specialist recruitment agency, Henry had been Head of BusDev and Operations at leading LegalTech company Luminance. As the business continued to grow, he wanted to help the industry by reducing dependence on expensive external recruitment consultancies and increasing transparency around salaries and skills in Legal and LegalTech. A marketplace approach that offered anonymity and yet transparency, 30+ data points bespoke to the industry to allow for focussed search and even halved an employer's recruitment costs seemed the best way to achieve this. We're constantly onboarding candidates and clients. What makes us unique in terms of process is that it's the employer who reaches out to candidates directly with a CV/Resume Request that is tethered to a live job. Each job also has a stated hiring budget. Candidates declare within their anonymous profile what their desired compensation is (but not their current comp, that's hidden), so both sides know the art of the possible right at the start of the process. We facilitate the process thereafter, like an agency would. We also offer a referral scheme. Each and every time someone you refer lands a job via the platform, you'll receive a 1% of their new base salary.