Mirams Becker provides their clients with exceptional Healthcare Leadership Search within Canada’s Health Care Sector. With a devoted team of Executive Search Consultants trust that their well developed expertise in the field will positively impact your Healthcare Facility, be it Private Healthcare Centres, Government Agencies, Retirement Facilities, Community Service Providers or Academic Health Science Centres. Based in Toronto, with a combined 35 years of experience in Executive Search, Founders, Penny Mirams and Hayley Becker strive to deliver their clients with an unparalleled, customized approach to finding the right Medical, Clinical and Administrative Leaders and Program Directors to fit the ever-changing Medical world of today.

About Mirams Becker

More and more, the healthcare industry is attracting certified health executive (CHE) talent wanting to make a lasting impact in public health careers. Amidst the lingering pandemic, executives look to healthcare executive recruiters as they rethink their careers and the institutions they work for. Given the existing crisis in health care, transformation is necessary at all levels of staffing, from front-line to C-suite. Even as budgets continue to shrink, healthcare leaders are required to provide and do more to produce better outcomes. But, do they have the innovative and analytical mindset and skills necessary to meet the challenging realities in the industry? Executive recruitment should strive for alignment – the organization’s vision, the mandate for the role in question, and how it fits with the objectives of the organization. Healthcare executive recruiters find the best candidate through an analytical approach. What are the needs of the organization, what are its strengths and weaknesses, and what will make the role successful? What will be required to help the right candidate make the organization successful? An understanding of what success looks like, in addition to knowing the goals and expectations of the new CHE, helps healthcare executive recruiters like Mirams Becker identify the right combination of skills, experience, and attributes necessary to fulfil the demands of a role. It’s this understanding that provides the baseline to assess the best possible candidates in the executive recruitment process. As experienced healthcare executive recruiters, we recruit talent across a range of functional areas within provider health settings, including medical, clinical and non-clinical roles, from the Director level up. Additionally, we have conducted leadership searches in a range of non-provider settings. Mirams Becker combines industry knowledge and experience with a rigorous methodology to deliver healthcare executive candidates with transformational leadership talent and abilities. Talk to us! We want to hear about your needs – your unique role and environment.