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Posted: Mon Oct 26 2020

Skill Bridge Internship (Military to Finance Fellowship)

Chicago, Illinois
Salary:$1 Per Day
Per Day


Have you ever wondered why you can't go straight into the Finance world from the military and translate your decision-making under pressure to a high-stakes environment and team that will value and leverage your ability to get s$%t done?

We offer a competitive, no-cost fellowship to take you from military service to the finance industry. Our program identifies veterans who have a desire to cut their chops in finance, arms them with an industry-leading financial modeling certification, and places them in finance roles with screened and qualified firms looking for transition veterans.

Our certified financial modeling program gives you the skills expected of those entering the financial world on day 1:
* Model the three financial statements
* Format and color code cells to industry standard
* Increase your operating speed in Excel

The Ideal Candidate Profile looks like:
- Transitioning from active-duty service within the next 18 months
- Honorable service and exemplary service evaluations
- Desire for leadership opportunities in finance world after you prove your ability to "run through walls" in the short term
- Willing to virtually attend a no-cost financial modeling certification program and test prior to transition.

**To schedule an intake call with Chamberlain's Veterans' Programs department, simply submit your resume and someone will follow up within 48 hours!**


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