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Posted: Fri Jan 26 2024

Executive Assistant

REMOTE, Virginia


Position Responsibilities

Calendar Management


  • Schedule Meetings for EO and Deputy EO. Has calendar authority; forecasts potential requirements, de-conflicts problems, and plans and projects time for historically recurring requirements.
  • Proactively work with ODEO Senior Leadership, staff, and customers to ensure meetings accommodate all participants
  • Reach out to staff if they do not show up or are late to meetings; keep the EO/DEO informed of any schedule changes.
  • Ensure EO/DEO calendar time for individual projects/efforts
  • Continually assess what meetings the EO and/or DEO need to attend. Ensure efficiency and effectiveness of their time.
  • Lead weekly calendar reviews and look ahead meetings; make changes as needed

Time Management

  • Ensure time is adjusted as needed for priority tasks and events
  • Proactively work with EO/DEO to ensure meetings end on time
  • Ensure transition time and prep time between/before/after meetings


Executive Officer / Deputy Executive Officer Support

Daily Prep and Incoming Communications

  • Proactively prepare EO/DEO meetings agendas and ensure needed materials for meetings and submitted/prepared
  • Be flexible and agile to provide quick turnaround requests or need last minute updates.
  • Screens incoming calls/visitors for the EO/DEO, determines the nature of the inquiry, refers the caller or visitor to the proper person, including those to be answered outside IMEO or ODEO.
  • Receives and reviews all incoming EO email. Makes necessary annotations; gathers needed, relevant materials as necessary; preps correspondence as requested; tracks needed actions and communications; and ensures timely completion/follow-up. Establishes appropriate control systems and files for correspondence.

Meeting Logistics

  • Follow-through and prep any EO and DEO meeting logistics; ensure smooth technological transitions as needed
  • Follow-through and prep any ODEO all-hands or senior staff meeting logistics; ensure smooth technological transitions as needed
  • Attend all Status Report meetings and Senior Staff meetings. May attend additional meetings at EO/DEO requests.

Meeting Results

  • Develops and maintains a tracking system for all action items ensuring deadlines are met. Capture action items, upcoming deadlines, and highlights from meetings.
  • Provides an appropriate bi-weekly+ summary to EO/DEO. Proactively ensure and work with EO, DEO, Senior Staff, and staff to coordinate and complete items.
  • Coordinate and create agendas and talking points for EO/DEO meetings as needed.
  • Ensure the EO/DEO has talking points and notes in advance of meetings and is fully prepared for any presentations requiring his/her participation or leadership.

Task Support

  • Proactively work with IMEO Special Assistant as needed to establish deadlines when needed for projects/action items.
  • Work in collaboration IMEO and ODEO staff to ensure productive and timely flow/communication of important/urgent tasks and time for completion, especially if this may require a schedule shift.
  • Support on any briefings, communications, and/or presentations requested by the EO/DEO
  • Provides any final quality check needed by EO/DEO before material submission or signature, as requested.
  • Proactively seek coverage when additional support is needed or leave will be taken.


Proactive Management


  • Develops comprehensive plans and strategies for EO/DEO day-to-day and long-range projects, actions, and activities. Provides effective methods to resolve problems, answer questions, correct deficiencies, and enhance support to EO/DEO.
  • Provides input for creating, managing and continuously analyzing, evaluating, and improving work and paper flow and calendar and scheduling management systems.
  • Anticipates, researches, and adds necessary background information to actions requiring EO/DEO attention, as needed.

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Establishes and builds strong, effective working relationships with staff throughout NIH, HHS, and related stakeholders in support of EO/DEO objectives.
  • Maintains strict confidence in performing all duties as directed, especially relating to personnel matters and policies.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and consistent professional demeanor, especially when faced with adversity, stress, or challenges. Aware of and uses proper grammar, construction, format, enclosures, etc. for responding to correspondence, and in alignment with EO/DEO's viewpoint.