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Posted: Tue Feb 20 2024

OCM Lead

Issaquah, WA


Our client, the oldest and largest family-owned company in their industry, is seeking a contract OCM Lead to play a critical role in leading their Organizational Change during a year+ long ERP implementation project. 

Duration: 12 - 15 months
Location: Onsite; Bellevue, WA with some occasional regional travel.
Benefits: Three insurance levels, 401K + match, sick leave, and working with a great company!

The successful candidate will a be an expert in OCM, have experience working in a diverse array of companies, and have experience lead change during ERP implementations. 

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Program Ramp-Up/Vision/Mission Alignment: Lead the initial phase of the program by aligning stakeholders with the program's vision and mission, ensuring a clear understanding of objectives.

  • Stakeholder Analysis: Conduct thorough stakeholder analysis to identify key influencers and their impact on the change process.

  • Communications Strategy: Develop and execute a comprehensive communications strategy to keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the change journey.

  • Education/Training Assessment: Assess the educational and training needs of employees to facilitate effective adoption of new processes and systems.

  • Change Impact Analysis: Analyze the potential impact of change on various aspects of the organization and develop strategies to mitigate risks.

  • Change Readiness Evaluation, Risk Mitigation Plan: Evaluate the organization's readiness for change and develop a robust risk mitigation plan to address potential challenges.

  • OCM Strategy and Detailed Project Plan: Develop a detailed organizational change management strategy and project plan to guide the implementation process.

  • Project Overview Summary (Stakeholder Intro Deck): Prepare a comprehensive overview of the project for stakeholders, ensuring clarity on objectives and expectations.

  • Communication Delivery Plan - Awareness: Implement a communication delivery plan to create awareness and generate buy-in among employees at all levels.

  • Build Communication Templates: Create communication templates to streamline the dissemination of key messages across the organization.

  • Leadership Alignment Session: Facilitate sessions to align leadership with the change initiative and garner their support.

  • Leadership Engagement Program/Coaching: Engage and coach leadership to effectively lead their teams through the change process.

  • Program Team Engagement / Rewards & Recognitions: Foster engagement among program teams and implement rewards and recognition initiatives to celebrate milestones.

  • Communications Execution: Execute communication plans effectively, ensuring timely and accurate information dissemination.

  • Detailed Change Impact Analysis: Conduct detailed analysis of change impacts on workforce planning and job role design changes.

  • Workforce Planning / Job role Design Changes: Collaborate with HR and business leaders to plan workforce changes and design new job roles aligned with the change initiative.

  • Change Network & Super User Program: Establish a change network and super user program to support the adoption of new processes and systems.

  • Process Education: Develop and deliver educational materials to facilitate understanding of new processes.

  • Role Mapping / Security Role Support: Map roles and responsibilities to ensure proper access and security in the new system.

  • Training Planning: Plan training sessions to equip employees with the necessary skills to operate effectively in the new environment.

  • Training Development: Develop training materials and resources tailored to the organization's specific needs.

  • User to Course Mapping: Map user needs to appropriate training courses to ensure targeted learning experiences.

  • TTT (Train the Trainer): Conduct train-the-trainer sessions to empower internal trainers with the knowledge and skills to deliver effective training.

  • Training Delivery: Deliver training sessions in a clear and engaging manner, ensuring maximum understanding and retention.

  • Go-Live Readiness / Metrics: Ensure readiness for system go-live and establish metrics to measure the success of the change initiative.

  • Support / Lessons Learned / Refresher: Provide ongoing support, capture lessons learned, and offer refresher training as needed.

  • Sustainment Plan: Develop a sustainment plan to ensure long-term adoption and success of the new processes and systems.

Estimated compensation for this role is between $65.00 - $90.00/hr. All experience levels are encouraged to apply. 

About Hansell Tierney:
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