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Posted: Thu Feb 08 2024

Academic Physician Radiologist

Bethesda, Maryland


Donald L. Mooney Enterprises, LLC dba NURSES Etc STAFFING is sourcing qualified Academic Radiology Physicians for the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

  • Degree/Education: Degree as Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy from a school in the U.S. or Canada approved by a recognized accrediting body. Graduates of foreign medical schools practicing in the U.S. are required to possess both a medical license and certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMGP) or Fifth Pathway
  • Certifications in addition to Basic Life Support: Must possess current Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) is preferred but not required. The HCP shall possess current board certification from the American Board of Radiology.
  • Experience: The HCP shall have completed a Fellowship in Neuroradiology, Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Ultrasonography, Pediatric Radiology, Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine or Mammography or other sub-specialty of diagnostic radiology or equivalent experience of at least 3 years in the previous 5 years. Fellowship subspecialty training in Neuroradiology with Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ), Musculoskeletal Radiology, or Breast Imaging are strongly preferred. Other well-rounded Diagnostic Radiology candidates with equivalent experience of at least 3 years in the previous 5 years will be considered.
  • Board Certification: Board certification by the American Board of Radiology, and current BLS and ACLS if required by the client. Valid unrestricted medical license in at least 1 state, territory, or commonwealth of the U.S
  • Licensure/Registration: The HCP shall possess and maintain a current, active, valid, and unrestricted medical or osteopathic medical license from any U.S. state, District of Columbia, Commonwealth, territory, or jurisdiction. All licenses and certificates must be renewed and maintained in a current status during the life of the contract. HCPS must take any continuing Medical Education training for recertification/relicensing in their off time and not on Government time.
  • Shall be a U.S citizen.
  • Shall be able to read, write, speak, and understand English well enough to effectively communicate with all patients and other health care providers.
  • Shall be knowledgeable of equipment and supply terminology and skill sufficient to identify and use necessary equipment and supplies properly and to communicate proper use with nurses, medical staff, patients, and family members.
  • Shall be sufficiently skilled to teach patients proper self-care and to motivate patients and family members to continue the procedures for promoting rapid healing.
  • Shall be knowledgeable and possess skills necessary to provide care appropriate to any age-related needs of the patients. The Contract Radiologist shall demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development appropriate to the appropriate patient population served: Infants, Children, Adolescent, Adults, and Geriatric (>65)
  • The Contract Radiologist shall demonstrate skills in interviewing, examination, assessment, and management of patients with general medical and surgical health problems.

The Contract Radiology Physician shall perform full range of medical services to diagnose, treat, and manage patients as required, and in strict compliance with standing orders and protocols set forth by the MTF to include, but not limited to, the following:
  • The HCP is a full time practicing radiologist with clinical radiology responsibilities, as well as responsibilities for instructing physicians in performing and interpreting radiologic examinations/studies. The HCP shall perform essentially the same duties and be expected to have comparable productivity as those required of any military or government civil service physician of similar experience, in similar duty assignments, in the same facility.
  • Performs and interprets diagnostic images not necessarily limited to: Neuroradiology, Body Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology, Ultrasonography, Pediatric Radiology, Computerized Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Nuclear Medicine, Mammography, CT-Angiography, Virtual Colonoscopy, or other subspecialties of Diagnostic Radiology.
  • Determines applicability of requested procedures. Recognizes and obtains essential and accurate information about patients pertinent to the radiological examination requested.
  • Develops a diagnostic plan based upon the clinical questions and relevant clinical, radiological, and pathologic information.
  • Oversees diagnostic imaging to ensure adequacy of studies performed.
  • Counsels’ patients concerning preparation for diagnostic testing including informed consent and conscious sedation.
  • Provides appropriate patient/family member teaching and education; evaluates effectiveness and level of patient/family member understanding of material.
  • Performs image guided biopsies; intra-articular aspirations and infusions; drainage of abscesses; and lumbar punctures using fluoroscopy, computed tomography, or ultrasound.
  • Administers conscious sedation in the performance of the image guided procedures listed above.
  • Provides a clear and informative written radiological report including a precise diagnosis whenever possible, a differential diagnosis when appropriate, and recommended follow-up or additional studies when appropriate.
  • Performs fluoroscopic procedures of the gastrointestinal and genitourinary tracts. Instructs radiology personnel in desired techniques, positions, and projections.
  • Provides direct communication to the referring physician or appropriate clinical personnel when interpretation reveals an urgent or unexpected finding in the radiological report.
  • Determines the need for referral for cases that are not within the capability of the radiology department resources.
  • Provides professional opinion in regards to radiology services.
  • Attends and participates in patient care reports, patient care conferences, team conferences, professional staff conferences, and other appropriate professional activities to the extent that such attendance and participation is relative to his/her assigned cases and/or performance of contract services as determine by the Chief of the affected Department.
  • Prepares all records and reports as required by the MTF policies, Federal law, or Department of Defense regulations.
  • Maintains and disposes of records required/created as a result of processes prescribed by MTF guidance. Demonstrates knowledge of regulatory issues pertaining to the use of human subjects in research.
  • Demonstrates knowledge of and applies the principles of evidence-based medicine in practice.
  • Demonstrates critical assessment of scientific literature. Takes part in clinical Quality Assurance Program as required.
  • Actively participates in activities to support performance improvement.
  • Maintains familiarity and complies with MTF antiseptic policies and procedures, ensuring the use of antiseptic methods in all procedures.
  • Demonstrates initiative and responsibility, works as a team member, manages time effectively, prioritizes and performs multiple tasks and adapts to change.
  • Treats patients with compassion and empathy, recognizes and respects cultural diversity, adapts communications to individual's ability to understand, uses professional telephone technique, and effective and correct verbal and written communications.
  • Maintains patient confidentiality, uses appropriate guidelines when releasing information. Practices within the scope of education, training, and personal capabilities.
  • Establishes inter-personal and intra-departmental relations to enhance optimal patient care.
  • Demonstrates competent and effective oral and written communication. Ensures a safe work environment and safe employee work habits.
  • Provides immediate evaluation and management of emergency problems as they occur.
Facilitates the learning of students, peers, and other health care professionals. Serves as a consultant in radiology services.                        
  • Interventional Radiology:
  • Perform and interpret IVC filter placement.
  • Perform and interpret angiographic diagnosis and treatment (including embolization) of GI hemorrhage.
  • Perform and interpret percutaneous biliary drainage.
  • Perform and interpret percutaneous nephrostomy.
  • Perform and interpret percutaneous drainages of fluid collections Perform and interpret pulmonary arteriography.
  • Perform and interpret catheter-directed thrombolysis of arterial and venous occlusion Perform and interpret embolization of miscellaneous hemorrhage, including post-partum.
  • Pediatric Radiology:
  • Interpret pediatric radiographs (to include skeletal surveys), fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, and MRI examinations.
  • Perform and interpret upper and lower GI fluoroscopy.
  • Perform and interpret ultrasound enterography.
  • Perform and interpret image-guided intussusception evaluation and reduction Perform and interpret neonatal sonograms.
  • Perform/guide and interpret, where appropriate, fetal imaging (to include ultrasound and MRI modalities).
  • Neuroradiology:
  • Interpret radiologic examination of the head, neck, and spine, to include radiographs, CT, and MRI.
  • Interpret CT/MR perfusion studies and MR spectroscopy Interpret CT/MR microangiography.
  • Perform and interpret lumbar/cervical punctures and myelography.

Pay Rate will be based on factors such as specialty, shift schedule, level of experience, and performance location.

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