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Posted: Thu Sep 28 2023

Statutory Auditor

Fort Worth, Texas

Direct Hire

We are seeking a Regulatory Auditor to oversee our statutory audit team's interactions with external auditors, ensuring the successful completion of audits and compliance with regulatory requirements. This individual will serve as the primary contact for auditors and guide them through the audit process, from obtaining requested documentation (PBC) to reviewing financial statements and reconciling discrepancies. The role involves collaborating with various departments, including treasury, accounts payable (AP), shared services, and participating in the integration of acquisitions into our accounting system (COST POINT).


  1. Audit Facilitation and Coordination:

    • Act as the main point of contact for external auditors during statutory audits.
    • Pull and organize all requested audit documentation (PBC) for auditors.
    • Explain the accuracy and relevance of provided information to auditors.
    • Handle auditors' sampling requests and assist in their audit process.
  2. Financial Statement Review and Reconciliation:

    • Review and verify the accuracy of financial statements post-audit.
    • Perform thorough reconciliations to ensure consistency and accuracy in financial reporting.
    • Collaborate closely with auditors to address and resolve discrepancies.
  3. End-to-End Audit Management:

    • Oversee the audit process from start to finish, actively participating in various deliverables.
    • Collaborate with auditors on tying out rough letters and finalizing audit work.
    • Work closely with auditors on complex issues arising from historical data, requiring analysis across various coding and systems.
  4. Integration and Accounting System Management:

    • Play a key role in the integration of acquisitions, ensuring seamless transition into the COST POINT accounting system.
    • Address challenges related to audit history, including examination of coding in legacy systems.
    • Utilize advanced functions like VLOOKUP as needed to navigate and reconcile historical data.
  5. Communication and Problem Solving:

    • Act as a proficient communicator, bridging the gap between auditors and internal departments.
    • Resolve issues promptly and provide support for reconciliations and P&L fluxes related to operations.
    • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams to maintain compliance and financial integrity.

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