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Posted: Wed Oct 11 2023

Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator

Houston, TX
Salary:$20 Per Hour


Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator
Houston, TX
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm

Responsible for developing and delivering a broad range of counseling and referral services for residents of all ages and conditions within the Client’s Agency's Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program. Performs a variety of tasks involving planning, implementing, and monitoring activities, and documenting and reporting program results. Specific duties include the following.
1. Determines most appropriate public and private agencies to provide services for FSS program participants.
2. Coordinates establishment of the Program Coordinating Committee, governing board for FSS program, using various and appropriate agencies.
3. Processes resident FSS applications, screens applicants and determines eligibility.
4. Establishes and maintains contact with public and private community agencies that provide services and support to the FSS program.
5. Establishes procedures for recruitment and selection of FSS program participants.
6. Coordinates the Agency's effort to make families self-sufficient with social, community and other public agencies that provide assistance to the FSS program.
7. Organizes agenda and participates in meetings that provide residents with information on the FSS program. Works with committees and sees that activities are performed in a timely manner.
8. Conducts orientation to inform interested and selected participants about FSS program goals and objectives.
9. Conducts one-on-one interviews with FSS participants, prepares contracts, prepares a needs assessment, and makes referrals.
10. Assists FSS participants in preparing applications and forms for school grants, scholarships, etc.
11. Locates testing facilities to help FSS participants in job placement and in choosing a career field.
12. Coordinates services needed by individual FSS participants, provides counseling and monitors family compliance with participation contract.
13. Performs initial and periodic re-examinations of FSS participants and non-participants and makes any required rent adjustments.
14. Works with educational/training entities to coordinate and refine admission requirements and procedures for monitoring FSS participants.
15. Works with the local Employment Commission and other employment programs to expand employment opportunities for FSS participants and other Agency residents.
16. Prepares annual report on results of FSS program by individual participants and submits to HUD.
17. Compiles forms, reports, letters, etc., and establishes and maintains files on FSS participants and non-participants.
18. Prepares proposals for services needed.
19. Performs other related duties as assigned

Qualifications and Knowledge
1. College degree in Social Sciences or related field. Three to four years’ experience in public housing, counseling or social work, or a combination of education and experience.
2. Comprehensive knowledge of pertinent HUD regulations on the FSS program and public housing management, case management and comprehensive knowledge of Agency policies and procedures.
3. Considerable knowledge of social work and resources available through community agencies.
4. Ability to address the public and present information in a clear, concise and convincing manner.
5. Ability to deal effectively with situations that require tact and diplomacy, yet firmness.
6. Ability to establish and maintain effective and courteous working relationships with other employees, residents, and community agencies and other activities that provide services.
7. Bondable.
8. FSS Certification required. Incumbents are required to obtain FSS Certification within the first 12 months of employment. In the event an employee fails the initial exam, the employee will have 6 months from the date of failure of the exam to re-take and provide proof of the certification within the first 12 months of employment. The Housing Authority of the City of Houston will assume all costs associated with the initial attempt of the certification. Any re-takes of the exam shall be at the employee’s expense.
9. Valid Texas driver's license.
10. Eligibility for coverage under Agency fleet auto insurance.
Supervision Received and Given
Generally, assignments and instructions from the Senior Family Self Sufficiency Coordinator are broad, though there are intermittent occasions when the employee receives specific instructions. The employee initiates and performs routine activities without supervisory direction. Problems or situations that arise and are not covered by instructions are either dealt with independently, or in consultation with the supervisor. The employee's work is reviewed regularly for adherence to policies and the attainment of objectives. The employee has no supervisory responsibilities.

The employee follows regulations and guidelines issued by HUD on the FSS program, community services, resident services, and resident initiatives and applicable Agency policies and procedures. Frequently the employee acts independently in making decisions about the best course of action. For situations for which there are no guidelines, the employee may adapt existing guidelines, develop new guidelines, make a decision based on the circumstances, or seek guidance from the supervisor. When new guidelines are required, the employee develops them in consultation with the Director of Housing Management and Section 8 Programs.

Work performed by the employee ranges from the relatively routine to the unusual. The employee identifies work that needs to be done, prioritizes, coordinates efforts and performs the tasks. Occasionally, the employee must make decisions regarding unusual or sensitive situations and must develop new solutions.

Scope and Effect
The employee's work affects other employees and residents throughout the housing developments and Section 8. Performing work tasks effectively, efficiently and with compassion enhances relationships between residents and the Agency and provides long-term benefits in management of Agency housing and results in self-sufficiency of participating residents.
Personal Contacts
The employees’ contacts are primarily with residents and other agencies that provide assistance to the FSS program. The purpose of such contacts is to bring community services and tenant services to Agency residents, foster resident pride and participation, and provide various kinds of support and assistance for individual families.

Physical Demands
The employee's work is performed both indoors and outdoors, and involves numerous visits to housing developments, residents' homes, and outside agencies. The employee may drive lightweight vehicles, and may be required to push, pull and/or lift objects weighing up to and more than 25 pounds, such as boxes of canned food, tables, or a resident who must be helped into and out of a vehicle. The employee may be required to work unusual hours.

Work Environment
The employee’s work is primarily in-office, but may involve visits to housing developments, resident's homes, the offices of other agencies, community centers and meeting halls. The employee may be exposed to weather extremes and to the usual hazards associated with housing developments.

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