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Posted: Thu Jun 28 2018

It Security Analyst

Houston, TX


Position Description:

IT Security Analyst



The purpose of this position is to ensure compliance with IT security plans, policies, and operational procedures.  Promotes and supports the IT security framework to identify the IT assets and data that must be protected, detect cyber incidents, protect IT assets from intentional or unintentional compromise or destruction, respond and recover from cyber incidents.



Performs systems and network analysis of intrusions. Monitors information security alerts to resolve as needed. Reviews security events that may impact overall security.


Additional duties may include:

  • Performs risk analysis and vulnerability testing.
  • Audit security-related activities to detect and prioritize threat response.
  • Performing risk assessments and testing of data processing systems.
  • Use data from firewalls, security tools to create and resolve security concerns

Technical Expert:

Ensures the safety of IT assets and protects systems from intentional or inadvertent access or destruction. Ensures that user community understands and adheres to necessary procedures to maintain security. Generally requires familiarity within infrastructure and/or applications functional areas, including domain structures, user authentication, firewalls, network configuration, end-point protection, etc. Has in-depth knowledge of intrusion detection and Internet architecture.


OPERATIONS & MAINTENANCE:  Oversees a variety of highly complex analytical and technical assignments; plans, manages, and implements IT security controls; designs and documents IT security processes, procedures, plans, and standards.  Ensures effectiveness of IT controls by performing or facilitating penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance audit activities. Diagnoses compliance gaps; works with business units, external vendors, tenants, and COH departments to attain compliance.  Supports security plans for a variety of technologies, business units, and systems. 


TEAM EFFORT:  Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results and performing related responsibilities as needed.


KNOWLEDGE:   Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Management and Information Systems (MIS), Engineering or a closely related field, desired but not required.  Advanced technical certifications that demonstrate IT security knowledge and proficiency are desirable. 


EXPERIENCE:  At least three (3) years of technology experience supporting security efforts. 

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