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  • As proud Americans, we have always looked for ways to help support our nation's heroes. Over time, we heard stories of friends, relatives, and acquaintances lamenting the difficult return to civilian life, and we knew we wanted to find a way to assist them; nevertheless, on our own we can only do so much. If you are a part of a business or corporation willing to employ and train our veterans to help them integrate back into civilian life, please contact us. Together we can make a greater difference in the lives of our nation's heroes.
  • Changing Lives Staffing is a California based staffing service, that focuses on building people, and communites, putting people back to work is how we do it! With our team of dedicated experience Life Changers, Changing Lives has created an HR employee driven business model. That provides an HR, Safety Staffing bundle thats helps employees and companies grow. All of our Life Changers are certied in HACCP for food safety knowledge. Certified Recruiters through, certified Life Coaches and have OSHA10.