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Reach out to 3 leading recruiters, (temporary) staffers, headhunters, and executive search companies that are active in Chino Hills, California. Our curated directory contains temporary and permanent employment agencies that are regularly audited to maintain a high quality of active recruiters and staffers.

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  • Our mission: Enriching lives by helping companies build high-performing teams and helping people find meaningful work. Since 1959, Amtec has been teaming up with business owners and leaders, with the relentless purpose of finding the best match or the right fit for each position. We're not just a staffing company--we're a people company. At Amtec, it's our purpose to enrich people's lives by helping them find meaningful work. We match candidates' character, competence, and culture with an organization that truly values what they have to offer.
  • Empowered Employment brings 20+ years of direct experience to help candidates, clients, and companies. We help candidates write and improve resumes and prepare for interviews. We also help clients fill Technical, IT, and Sales and Marketing positions. For companies, we offer outboarding services to guide recently laid off or terminated employees to their next position. Our mission is to help people find success.
  • In a small business, who has time to suddenly jump into recruiting mode when a hiring need pops up? And there's no guarantee that sorting through hundreds of resumes will bring you the quality employee you need. That's why Flazingo has designed a user-friendly online hiring system, that not only organizes and scores all your applicants, but coaches you through every step of the hiring process. With tips on defining your open position, scored resumes, tools like our cultural analysis and behavioral interview guide, you'll be able to see beyond each resume and get to know the real candidate.