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Country: United States
State: California
City: Rancho Cordova
  • HQ: Rancho Cordova, CA, United States
    Golden Hive offers flexible and scalable talent acquisition team builds for companies, regardless of their industry. Whether you're a start up needing to build a talent team from scratch or a large organization needing to add talent depth, we can recruit specialized professionals to take you to the next level.
  • HQ: Rancho Cordova, CA, United States
    Contract Administrative Services, Inc. (CASI) assists local agencies, state agencies and consultants with verifying labor compliance requirements, meeting disadvantaged business enterprise goals, providing construction administration support (including record keeping and project documentation), and assisting consultants with proposal writing and proposal management. As a registered Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firm, CASI can support both government agencies and construction management consultants in also meeting DBE goals. Currently based out of Northern California, our services can be provided all over the nation.
  • HQ: Rancho Cordova, CA, United States
    sonder SOLUTIONS is a non-profit social enterprise working to reduce unemployment among veterans and individuals with disabilities. They support participants in building skills and preparing for the workplace while working with community business partners. sonder SOLUTIONS has successfully positioned their model in the IT sector, leveraging state-wide government contracts to meet business partner needs. They believe exceptional services create satisfied customers, driving social impact through the creation of jobs.
  • HQ: Rancho Cordova, CA, United States
    Cornerstone has been consistently successful serving high growth Technology, Precision Medical Device and SaaS based companies that range from industry leaders to top-tier startups all around the country. Our Recruiting firm focuses on finding professional sales people and our extensive experience in sales, sales management and operations has given us the ability to quickly and effectively uncover your companies recruiting needs.
  • HQ: Rancho Cordova, CA, United States
    VAMO Digital applies advanced digital media strategies to solve 2 big challenges to growth. 1. Profitable Customer Acquisition2. Affordable Talent AcquisitionIn today's competitive landscape, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to stand out, engage and convert both prospective clients and employees. Our full service digital solutions combine technolgy and human ingenuity to solve these problems.

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