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Country: United States
State: Connecticut
City: Norwich
  • HQ: Norwich, CT, United States
    Jeff Hutchinson founded Hutchinson Mortgage Recruiting in 2005 and is the Go-To mortgage recruiter in the North East. He and his team have placed over 350 placements, averaging 475M in total loan origination per year. They work with up to 15 banks/lenders and provide an unbiased approach to match clients with the best fit for their needs.
  • HQ: Norwich, CT, United States
    AskFora is an app for finding freelancers built by freelancers based on the idea that better work comes from people you know. AskFora finds people you know for connections, introductions, and work you need done. Whether promoting your skills, finding a domain expert to help with research, or hiring a marketing specialist for a short term job, you can skip the online directories and overwhelming freelance marketplaces. AskFora helps you describe what you need, finds qualified people from your network, and guides you through signing a standard agreement, tracking work, and processing payment, just by having a friendly chat with your assistant, Fora.

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