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in Plymouth, Minnesota

Reach out to 2 leading recruiters, (temporary) staffers, headhunters, and executive search companies that are active in Plymouth, Minnesota. Our directory contains temporary and permanent employment agencies that are regularly audited to maintain a high quality of active recruiters and staffers.

Country: United States
State: Minnesota
City: Plymouth
    Peozzle is the solution to your puzzling people/staffing needs. Peozzle platform links staffing firms to other staffing firms, to hiring managers and to the candidate professionals seeking employment. Peozzle is a networking platform that comprises a unique hiring marketplace that offers a multi-dimensional alternative to existing hiring tools, which predominantly rely on standard written resumes. Peozzle links Staffing Firms to other staffing firms, to hiring managers, and to consulting professionals over the internet to browsers on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desk tops, and game consoles.
    • Industries & Specialties:
    • IT & Tech,
    • Predictive Analytics,
    • Data Sciene,
    • Technology,
    • Manufacturing,
    • Startups,
    • Private Equity,
    • Succession Planning,
    • Agriculture
    The marriage of predictive analytics and recruiting - executive search and talent acquisition engagements driven by fully integrated assessment. Culture and job fit measures that start at sourcing and accelerate candidate time to contribution through onboarding and beyond.