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Reach out to leading recruiters, (temporary) staffers, headhunters, and executive search companies that are active in West Valley City, Utah. Our directory contains temporary and permanent employment agencies that are regularly audited to maintain a high quality of active recruiters and staffers.

Country: United States
State: Utah
City: West Valley City
    • Industries & Specialties:
    • Clerical,
    • Payroll,
    • Finance & Economics,
    • Tax,
    • Logistics Management,
    • Warehousing,
    • Manufacturing,
    • Transportation
    LG Resources is a Utah staffing agency that recruits talent in the warehousing, manufacturing, transportation and clerical industries. Our screening process and proprietary rating system provide higher quality candidates for job requirements and increased efficiency on the job site. We have a 96% client retention rate due to our focus on saving time and money while increasing production and fulfillment.